Thursday, September 17, 2020

November/December Call for Submissions: Liberty, Egality, Precarity/Open Theme

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The Australasian Post-Humanities digital seminar series is now seeking submissions for presentations in November and December 2020. We welcome presentations on the themes below in the form of a paper, panel, performance, or creative response. 

Presenters have one hour, and the suggested format is 30-40 minutes for presentation, with remaining time for discussion. Presenters can also choose to have their presentations recorded for the APH podcast series on Spotify.


The Australasian Post-Humanities seminar series challenges the barriers of western academia, creating new space for thinkers both inside and outside of the Australasian arts and humanities. Run remotely via Zoom, it seeks to generate an inclusive, digital community for interdisciplinary conversation. These conversations will undoubtedly give shape to what the 'posthumanities' means in the Australasian context.

Posthumanities thought provides a useful, relational lens through which to generate critical conversations, especially given the various structural oppressions which shape our worlds. This seminar series is organized by Dr Elese Dowden, and shelters under the Women in Power Network at the University of Queensland, which is run by Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch.

November and December: Liberty, Egality, Precarity/Open Theme

What might the future of academic work look like in Australasia? How are the values of liberty and equality impacted by the precarious nature of academic work?

November's proposed theme is 'liberty, egality, precarity,' and we welcome papers which discuss these ideas, broadly construed. For November and December, we're also inviting papers for topics outside of this theme. 

Submissions may include, but are in no way limited to, thought across philosophy, gender studies, psychoanalysis, existentialism, phenomenology, Marxism, environmental studies, sociology, critical theory, queer theory, and literary studies.

How to submit 

Submissions are now being accepted via this link, please have ready a 50-word bio, presentation title, and brief abstract. 


Submissions for each month are due the third Friday of every month prior. Submissions for November are due the 16th October, and submissions for December are due the 21st November. 

How to attend

Seminars are held as 1-hour Zoom webinars each month on Wednesdays and Fridays. Information about each webinar will be posted at the beginning of each month on this blog, and Zoom webinar links will be emailed via the APH mailing list along with the following month's call for submissions. All times and dates are in AEST. 

Please sign up to the APH mailing list for direct access to the Zoom webinar links for each month.

P.S. If you're not sure what 'posthumanities' means - we're still figuring that out too. This seminar series will help to shape that definition in Australasia. Check out our 'Resources' tab for more info.